Learning2gether with Nellie Deutsch and the MoodleMoot Virtual Conference Aug 4-6, 2017

Learning2gether #371

On Sunday August 6 I dropped by WizIQ for the last day of the 6th annual MoodleMoot Virtual Conference Aug 4-6 2017. The conference was one of many mounted for free throughout the year by Nellie Deutsch, and open to volunteer presenters who sign up on a Google Doc wiki to schedule and announce their presentations. I stayed for the three presentations noted below. Recordings of all are available, but in order to see them you must be enrolled in the course. Enrollment is free in Nellie’s courses.

Here’s where to enroll:


Click here or on the pic here or below to get the playlist


These are the presentations I attended

12:00 noon UTC – Use of Technology in CLIL

Dr. Revathi Viswanatha discussed Use of Technology in CLIL Approach to Teaching in the Indian Context. This presentation throws light on the need for using CLIL Approach to teaching in an Indian classroom and the ways of integrating technology in such a classroom.

13:00 UTC – What to expect in online education in coming years

Parminder Mitter Chaudhuri discussed What to expect in online education in coming years- A Teacher’s Perspective. She presented on upcoming trends in online education. Are the facilitators of online education well equipped to cope with it? How profitable it will be for an Entrepreneur Teacher and a Role Model Teacher?

14:00 UTC – What about Non – Native Online English Teachers?

Halina Ostankowicz – Bazan discussed What about Non – Native Online English Teachers?

Are “the native speaker of English” and “the English teacher” synonyms?
in this session, the speaker discussed advantages and disadvantages of being a non-native Online English Teacher. As a non-native Online English Teacher, she has faced discrimination on quite a lot of occasions. Fortunately, she has not given up.

Other sessions scheduled later in the day

Using Moodle in collaborative interdisciplinary group projects – Anna Grabowska and Ewa Kozłowska

Rethinking Stress Triggers with Sue Annan

Innovation for quality leadership – Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson

Technology Facilitates and Frustrates – Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Teaching online and handling stress – Sue Anna

Use of Technology in CLIL Approach to Teaching – Dr. Revathi Viswanathan and Abdur Rahman

Powerful Students – Rosmery Ribera

The Power of Connections – Fabiana Laura Casella

Earlier events

Thu June 22 Vance and Bobbi Stevens, Domagoj and Marijana Smolčec, Dakota Redstone, Maha Abdelmoneim, and Mircea Patrascu present EVO Minecraft MOOC at SL MOOC 2017


After that, Learning2gether was on summer hiatus

Sat Aug 5 Classroom 2.0 and the Google Infused Classroom

Saturday, August 5, 2017
9am PT/10am MT/11am CT/12pm ET
“The Google Infused Classroom”Welcome back to a new school year! We are so excited to have two amazing educators and authors, Holly Clark and Tanya Avrith, to help us kick off our new year! They will share ideas from their new book “The Google Infused Classroom” which is based on the premise that we need to fuse great pedagogy with powerful technology tools to create meaningful learning experiences for our Generation Z students. They will go over some of the concepts from the book, as well as showcase some fun ways you can really get at student understanding in your classroom! This webinar will be a great way to get inspired for the upcoming school year – and learn ways to take learning to the next level.Holly Clark is a technology and innovation specialist from San Diego, California. She is a Google Certified Teacher, National Board Certified Teacher, and holds an MA in Technology in Education from Columbia University. She has been working with technology integration and 1:1 environments since 2000. Presently she consults with schools internationally on improving their iPad and Chromebook integrations and on using Google Apps for Education to empower learning. Holly has taught in both independent and public schools and is the co-founder of #CaEdChat.Tanya Avrith is an Education Strategist and Educational Technology Consultant living in South Florida. Tanya helps lead change by working with educators, parents, K-12 and college students. Tanya previously served as the Lead Educational Technology and Digital Citizenship Teacher at the Lester B. Pearson School Board in Montreal, Canada. While there, Tanya was instrumental in the vision and execution of the district wide Digital Citizenship Program (dcp.lbpsb.qc.ca) which resulted in her being invited to Facebook headquarters to discuss Digital Citizenship education. Tanya has presented to thousands of educators, students, and parents from all over Canada and the United States addressing strategies for learning how to harness the power of social media.

More information and session details are at http://live.classroom20.com. If you’re new to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! show you might want to spend a few minutes viewing the screencast on the homepage to learn how we use Blackboard Collaborate, and navigate the site. Each show begins at 12pm EST (Time Zone Conversion) and may be accessed in Blackboard Collaborate directly using the following Classroom 2.0 LIVE! link at http://tinyurl.com/cr20live. All webinars are closed captioned.

On the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! site (http://live.classroom20.com) you’ll find the recordings and Livebinder from our recent “Open Mic: What’s on your Summer Bucket List?” session facilitated by Paula Naugle. Click on the Archives and Resources tab.

Classroom 2.0 LIVE Team: Peggy George, Lorie Moffat, Tammy Moore, Paula Naugle, Steve Hargadon

Visit Classroom 2.0 at: http://www.classroom20.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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