Learning2gether assists CALL-IS with streaming from 2017 Seattle TESOL

Learning2gether Episode 365

On Tuesday, March 21, Learning2gether in the guise of yours truly Vance Stevens met with colleagues Abe Reshad, James May, and Jennifer Meyer at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle and spent a couple hours working together to set up the room we had been assigned for streaming the following three days. We met early next morning and replicated the setup in half an hour, and then streamed that day Wednesday March 22, and on through Thursday and Friday March 23-24 to webcast six scheduled CALL-IS events a day live from 2017 Seattle TESOL, plus a number of others we streamed extemporaneously from the Electronic Village during the Technology Fairs held there each day.

The result was a substantial archive of YouTube videos, although video embedding was disallowed from the channels we were streaming to. The excerpt below is one of the few videos from the conference where embedding was possible.

This video was recorded at the TESOL Conference in Seattle on March 22, 2017. It shows one part of an event entitled The Electronic Village Online: Best of 2017. Christine Bauer-Ramazani introduced the session, and this excerpt cuts to the presentation by Vance Stevens on EVO Minecraft MOOC.

The presentation includes a live tour of the #evomc17 server. Many thanks to +Dakota Redstone and +Aaron Schwartz for joining me online for that part of the presentation, and being there to illustrate how gamification works through collaboration, as when Dakota helped me out of a hole I had fallen into so we could quickly continue our romp around the server.
— https://plus.google.com/u/0/+VanceStevens/posts/ii4srT6e7EL

We have been streaming from TESOL Conferences for much of the past decade using Bb Collaborate provided for via a grant to Webheads in Action by http://learningtimes.com. But this year, Abe Reshad took over coordinating the CALL-IS webcasts from TESOL Seattle, and he conceived of a plan to do the streaming through YouTube/Live, which he announced as follows:

Greetings to you all!  I would like to invite everyone and those who may not be able to attend the TESOL conference this year to join the CALL IS community online.  As in previous years, we are continuing to webcast sessions in our Technology Showcase and EV Fair so that our web audience can participate.

Check out our wiki complete with a list of events, session discussions, and other various resources. Also, here are our YouTube channels for the EV Fair and Technology Showcase. Our wiki directly links to our YouTube channels, but you can always go directly there, view live sessions and explore the growing archive.

Please spread the word and join the conversation!

Abraham Reshad
Lecturer, Ohio Program of Intensive English
Associate Director, Language Resource Center
Linguistics Dept., Ohio University


The Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section, CALL-IS in TESOL, has control over a program of events that take place in a suite of rooms set aside for CALL-IS at each TESOL Conference.  Many of these activities are streamed, and all are listed in the CALL-IS EV Program Book and online schedule, at these links:

The streaming schedule is online at http://callis2017.pbworks.com

Each link from this page opens a presentation page, with title, summary, time, and presenters’ names, as well as in many cases, links to resources mentioned or to their online or downloadable presentations.  Each presentation page also contains a link to the live webcast through YouTube/Live where viewers could join any webcast in progress, plus find the recording link after the event

The CALL-IS Technology Showcase live-streams on this channel
and recording links are also given at http://callis2017.pbworks.com

The kiosk presentations in the Electronic Village were live-streamed by CALL-IS “Roving Reporters” who went around with tablets and used apps that streamed live and on the fly. One such app was Live for YouTube, a free from the iPad App Store

File_000 (1)

Using Live for YouTube was quick and easy; simply …

  • Install it
  • Log it in to your YouTube account
  • Press Go Live Now
  • Give your stream a name
  • Press Go Live again,
    the stream starts, and the video ends up in your channel

The only hard parts were FINDING the app in the app store (try it yourself :-)) and having to key in a stream name, which kept the process from being point-and-shoot (so the trick is to use voice, or key in a quick code, and either way go back and edit the stream name later).

Below find all the videos we produced (unfortunately, we are prevented from embedding any videos streamed to either of our channels).


The video below was edited at the request of a participant, which caused me to alter and replace the video, and I am thus able to embed the subsequently uploaded video (not the streamed version), as you see here:

A problem has since arisen with videos streamed using Cameleon Live,
https://www.cameleon.live/. When checked on Oct 8, 2018 the videos were found linked on YouTube but appearing like you see below, so I have de-linked them from here (but when I save this online the links are restored; nevermind, I’ve done what I can !!). Try them anyway, they could bounce back:


Consequently the videos affected have been de-linked in the listings below

Tuesday, March 21

Wednesday, March 22

Thursday, March 23

Other Roving Reporter Recordings, Thursday

  • Second Language Socialization in a Strategic Online Game –
    Seyyed Abdollah Shahrokni and Mohamed Elhess, 4:00-4:45, Live streamed using Cameleon Live, found no longer working Oct 8, 2018 – https://youtu.be/pKtCVgLPMgQ

Friday, March 24

Announcements made to … 

Facebook Groups

Google+ Communities


Earlier events

Sun March 5 1600 UTC EVO Minecraft MOOC archaeological trip to temples in a desert biome


March 6 Globinar with Rita Zeinstejer – Fuel engagement with humour

Sat March 11 noon EST – Jennifer Wagner on Classroom 2.0 – Projects by #NOTatISTE

Saturday, March 11, 2017
“Projects by Jen and #NOTatISTE”
Presenter: Jennifer WagnerWe are really looking forward to having Jennifer Wagner with us on Saturday, March 11, 2017 to share two very exciting opportunities. As the creator of ProjectsByJen, she has been successfully encouraging teachers since 1999 to use online projects in their PreK-6 classrooms. Jennifer has hosted over 80 projects with over 1 Million participants. Six to eight projects are hosted each year each with a different theme — literature, history, holiday celebrations, etc. Almost all the projects can be used in PreK – Sixth grade with extension ideas provided for each level. Using various ideas, she will help you understand how online projects will help you make the most of your time in a variety of ways. In addition, Jennifer will be sharing information about the #NOTatISTE community which she has organized to help educators who are unable to attend the annual ISTE Conference to be able to participate virtually through sharing of resources, activities, videos and presentations by participants.Jennifer is an exemplary teacher and technology facilitator in Southern California and has won numerous awards for her creative ways of encouraging teachers to collaborate with a teaching style that is very user-friendly, creative, and personable. Since the late 1990’s, Jennifer’s main focus has moved from working with students to working with teachers. She attends many local and state conferences each year, sharing ideas and also frequents many virtual conference opportunities! Plus, she has a blog, hosts a podcast, and is very happy with the invention of “pinterest”. (oh, and she is quite vocal on twitter!) She is a Google Certified Teacher and a Discovery Education Guru. Jennifer has been recognized by Global SchoolNet Foundation, ISTE, Kidspiration, SIGTEL, TechMuseum, & Time Warner for her innovative uses of technology.Remember to follow us on Twitter: #liveclass20More information and session details are at http://live.classroom20.com. If you’re new to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! show you might want to spend a few minutes viewing the screencast on the homepage to learn how we use Blackboard Collaborate, and navigate the site. Each show begins at 12pm EST (Time Zone Conversion) and may be accessed in Blackboard Collaborate directly using the following Classroom 2.0 LIVE! link at http://tinyurl.com/cr20live. All webinars are closed captioned.On the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! site (http://live.classroom20.com) you’ll find the recordings and Livebinder from our recent “Participate in your Own PD” session with Brad Spirrison. Click on the Archives and Resources tab.Classroom 2.0 LIVE Team: Peggy George, Lorie Moffat, Tammy Moore, Paula Naugle, Steve Hargadon

March 20 1800 UTC Globinar with Stephan Rinke on Language Teaching 2.0

Mon March 20 – Globaled.tv monthly webinar series on Thinking Critically About Social Perspectives

Mon. March 20th – 7pm EST
Seeing is Being: Thinking Critically About Social Perspectives
Self-awareness provides a consistent platform for investigating the world and how it relates to our experiences when interacting with others. Based on the 4 C’s of 21st century learning, this project session supports students in distinguishing varied perspectives through critical thinking skills within their peer relationships. Students will learn about social awareness as a means to develop cultural sensitivity by comparing and contrasting their own perspectives with others, led by a series of critical thought practices including Didactic Questioning and the Socratic Method.
GlobalEd TV is a free, inclusive, and comprehensive webinar series which spotlights theories and best practices related to multiculturalism in schools and organizations all over the world. This 5-part series is hosted monthly by the Global Education Conference Networkthe Learning Revolution, and Know My World; and the series is designed to inform educators, students, and parents about the role of cultural and global competence in education.

SIGN UP – IT’S FREE! (Registered guests are not in any way required to attend the live sessions, and will receive links to the recording after each session. Attending live will provide an opportunity to ask questions and participate actively.)

This series will look at the foundations for providing students with the kinds of social and emotional attitudes needed to be effective global citizens, and it will explain and document real classroom projects that foster cultural identity, critical thinking, assumptions, communication and social responsibility. Every session will scaffold a learning path to build the appropriate attitudes for engaging in the world and with others. The culmination will be a social impact project for the local community. Each 1-hour session will feature a project being implemented in the diverse Know My World 3rd Grade Classroom in Taichung, Taiwan by educator and co-founder, Genevieve Murphy. Co-founder Lisa Petro will host the series and lead webinar participants through the project sequence, research behind each competency area and method, and share pre-recorded footage of students engaging in the instruction. At the end of each session, participants will receive a lesson sequence to replicate or modify in their classrooms.


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