EVOMC17 playdate goes in search of a new quest

Learning2gether episode 348

On Saturday, October 22, the weekly EVOMC17 playdate went in search of a new quest. Having found the big fire, our intrepid band of EVO Minecraft MOOC explorers met in world to wonder, what next?

Learning2gether episode 348 will be another experiment with streaming Minecraft video and Discord audio using XSplit as the encoder rather than OBS.

Vance is set to figure out how to not only stream this one but set an event for it. The result: I was able to make the stream happen though a YouTube watch page, but to do that I had to use XSplit encoder (OBS was not working with YouTube watch pages). I found that OBS had at least sustained the stream whereas XSplit started fine from the watch page but was frequently dropping us out of Minecraft, which might have resulted in audio not syncing with video in this video. I checked online for a solution and found that this is a frequent complaint about XSplit. I haven’t quite found the ideal encoder yet, still testing.

Google+ Event page


Participants in EVO Minecraft MOOC were invited to join us in Minecraft

Participants in EVOMC16 who were whitelisted on our server were invited to join us in Minecraft. All others could join us in the stream and interact with us in text chat at

Earlier this last week

Sun 16 Oct 1400 UTC – Learning2gether episode 347 – Kickoff of EVO2017 Moderator training


Wed Oct 19 American English Webinar Series – Dawn Bikowski

For the convenience of those viewing a graphic the link is http://bit.ly/AEWebinarSeries4

and the times of the sessions 0800 and 1300 EDT are noon and 1700 UTC


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