Punching through to the next level – Livestreaming EVOMC17 weekly playdates

Learning2gether Episode 345

I just posted this to the EVO Minecraft MOOC Google+ Community

Thanks to +Rose Bard and +Linda Gielen, who help me get around and stay alive each week, and+Mircea Patrascu who makes the quests (modeling how a master can manage class activities in#Minecraft ) I’m getting better at the game, or more correctly, the toy, as +Jeff Kuhn points out. But this evening I punched through my latest personal learning goal. I managed to figure out how to stream our #evomc17  events live, capturing virtual play along with voice.

This mind and hand coordination retoolkng came about with the demise of Google Hangouts on Air as we knew them. When HoA ceased to be available, webcasters were forced to resort to http://youtube.com/live, which as it turns out, having come to grips with it, I think is a good thing, because it forces us to learn about configuring the underlying encoders, in the same way that I have always had a fondness for DOS, where we had to manually configure each CD-ROM drive, before the days of Windows Plug and Play. The DOS batch files gave us a lot of control over how our machines started up, as opposed to how it happens now, as bloatware gets added and gradually crowds out what you want to use your machine for in favor of those who want to exploit what you do every time you boot up.

So for tonight’s playdate, I entered a game of Minecraft with my colleagues and streamed the Minecraft window as I had done before, and then played with the Open Broadcast encoder, enabling mic and sound card, fired up the discord voice app we use to talk with each other while playing, and it all came together perfectly.

Our next playdate will be livestreamed. I’ll set the event in YouTube/Live, and invite you join us in world or just follow what we’re up to in real time.

When watching YouTube videos, be sure and use the settings gear to play back in highest resolution. The default setting may be grainy.


Earlier this last couple of weeks

Tue Sept 20 EVOMC17 Playdate in Minecraft – Basic building


Sat Oct 1 Classroom 2.0 on Innovating with iPads

Saturday, October 1, 2016
Innovate with iPad

We are so excited to have two outstanding educational leaders, Karen Lirenman and Kristen Wideen, sharing with us in this webinar! They are prepared to inspire and “wow” us with ways to get students and teachers creating with iPads.
Webinar description: In this webinar, participants will learn to use iPads to transform teaching and learning. Karen Lirenman and Kristen Wideen, authors of Innovate with iPad, will share five key content creation iPad apps and how they can be used for numeracy, literacy, socials, science, and student self-assessment. They will explore what’s possible with iPad and how it can be used as a tool for content creations instead of a tool for content consumptions. Each participant will leave the session with new ideas of how to transform teaching and learning with iPad.Karen is an award winning primary school teacher who is transforming education by connecting her students with the world through Twitter, blogs, and video conferencing. She takes a hands-on approach to teaching by including inquiry, projects, and the maker mindset in her classroom. Her students choose how they learn, show, and share their knowledge. Karen has taught in both Australia and Canada. Karen is an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Google for Education Certified Innovator.Kristen has spent her career teaching and engaging primary school children in the United States and Canada. Through her innovative, student-driven projects, she teaches classes to take chances and develop the skills necessary to succeed in the twenty-first century. Kristen encourages her students to create, collaborate, and be open to trying new things in her classroom every day. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator and enjoys inspiring educators to use technology in innovative ways by speaking at conferences.

Remember to follow us on Twitter: #liveclass20

More information and session details are at http://live.classroom20.com. If you’re new to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! show you might want to spend a few minutes viewing the screencast on the homepage to learn how we use Blackboard Collaborate, and navigate the site. Each show begins at 12pm Eastern (GMT-5) and may be accessed in Blackboard Collaborate directly using the following Classroom 2.0 LIVE! link at http://tinyurl.com/cr20live. All webinars are closed captioned.

On the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! site (http://live.classroom20.com) you’ll find the recordings and Livebinder from our recent“Assistive Technology for Struggling Readers” session with Mike Marotta. Click on the Archives and Resources tab.

Classroom 2.0 LIVE Team: Peggy George, Lorie Moffat, Tammy Moore, Paula Naugle, Steve Hargadon

3 thoughts on “Punching through to the next level – Livestreaming EVOMC17 weekly playdates

  1. Hi Esty, sorry for the dysfunction. I have been working hard to recoup from the loss of Google HoA and as you can see from this post I’ve finally got a technique down for streaming with predictable success. This will allow me to resume posting when we will meet again. We have two meetings scheduled now, one on Sunday Oct 9 at 1400 UTC (not on Minecraft) and one next Tuesday at 1300 UTC. This one will be streamed from Minecraft. For information please see http://tinyurl.com/learning2gether (info about the Tuesday event will be posted closer to the date). Bear with us 🙂 Thanks

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