Gamification at TESOL 2016 Conference in Baltimore

Learning2gether Episode 327

Fri Apr 8 starting at noon UTC – Day 3 of CALL-IS webcasts from TESOL in Baltimore 

Apr 8 1500 Hot Topics – Meaningful play – Gaming and language learning

Hot Topics: Meaningful Play: Gaming and Language Learning. 11:00am-12:50pm EDT

Gaming for the Classroom: How to Use Them and What to Know About Them
This panel showcases how games have been used both in the classroom and as an approach for teacher’s professional development. We also explore what the future of games and learning holds and what teachers need to know about this new form of literacy. Panelists were

  • Elliott Casal, Ohio University, USA
  • Vance Stevens, Higher Colleges of Technology, CERT, KBZAC, UAE
  • Jeff Kuhn, Ohio University, USA
  • Rodrigo Carvalho, Georgia Tech Language Institute, USA
  • and Nick Eintertz


Picture credit: Aaron Schwartz

Blackboard Collaborate recordings made possible thanks to generous grants from our supporters at


Apr 8 1200 noon UTC Hot Topics – Google and Beyond

Hot Topics: Google and Beyond — Free Online Tools for Teachers and Learners. 8:00-9:20am EDT


Apr 8 1300 UTC TESOL  50th anniversary event – Leadership panel – EV Retrospective

TESOL 50th Anniversary Special Event: Leadership Panel: History of the EV Retrospective: Over three decades of Professional Development in CALL. 9:30- 10:45am EDT



Apr 8 1400 UTC EV Fair Classics

Electronic Village Fair Classics. 10:00-10:50am EDT



Apr 8 1700 Intersection – ESPIS with VDMIA and CALL-IS

InterSection: ESPIS with VDMIS and CALL-IS: One size fits one: Incorporating technology into ESP courses. 1:00 – 2:45 pm EDT.



Apr 8 1900 Academic Session – Project based learning: Online, mobile, and blended learning 

Academic Session: CALL-IS: Project-Based Learning: Pedagogical Possibilities for Online, Mobile, and Blended Learning. 3:00 – 4:45 pm EDT


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