Learning2gether with Joe Dale – Planning a virtual field trip to New Orleans

Learning2gether Episode 272

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On Thu May 7 1800 GMT Learning2gether attended an event organized by Juergen Wagner, hosting Joe Dale presenting on apps and websites for Planning a virtual field trip to New Orleans. The  announcements and show notes were prepared by Juergen.

Post paratory Announcements

What? This is planned as a virtual tour of a place, city or region: a powerful vehicle for

  • promoting intercultural understanding
  • creating authentic language learning opportunities
  • free web tools for planning a virtual field trip: New Orleans as an example destination
  • how to find creative commons licensed images on Flickr
  • how to incorporate them into a Pinterest board
  • how to share them via a Padlet wall
  • Storybird as a creative writing tool bringing together key
  • vocabulary and expressions
  • how to create a Google Slides presentation based on the content


  • Presenter: JOE DALE

Adobe Connect Recording


Announcements made by Learning2gether

Earlier this week

May 3 1300 GMT Learning2gether about Study.com with David Winet, Michael Coghlan, and Vance Stevens


Thu May 4 1800 GMT Sandrine Pac-Kenny – Using apps for better oral proficiency


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