EVO Moderators LEARNING2GETHER from Jim Buckingham’s recent initiatives on badges

Learning2gether Episode 244

Download mp3:

Tue Nov 4 1300 GMT EVO Moderators LEARNING2GETHER from Jim Buckingham’s recent initiatives on badges

Where: Google+ Hangout, https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cqfh8vvjjqieic03lghlk2u4hcs

streamed on

Flipped learning session, participants should

Jim has provided us with these further resources

Although this session was set up as a part of Week 3 of EVO moderator training, all are welcome to attend

The session is designed as a flipped learning experience.

Participants in training are supposed to look over what Jim has left online and come to the session prepared to

  • hear Jim explain what he has been doing with badges since creating the OERs above
  • be prepared to ask questions that will help them implement badges in their own sessions, if they wish


EVO perspective on this event here:

(if login required for access, don’t worry, information for connecting to the event is all here) 

Earlier this week

Sun Nov 2 LEARNING2GETHER with Quim Sabrià about EdPuzzle


Connected Courses

What’s going on in http://connectedcourses.net/ (check the website and stay tuned here)

Nov 10-23: About co-learning: http://connectedcourses.net/thecourse/about-colearning/

Oct 20 to Dec 15 George Siemens MOOC on Data, Analytics and Learning



Fri Oct 24-Dec 21 – Build Your Teaching Business Online: free MOOC from Jason Levine and Sylvia Guinan


Schedule: https://docs.google.com/document/d/114_-pZjCooPIGuIQNC7KR7kc2N9s0pYNX80NpqEbwYg/edit

or: http://bit.ly/1zg3EtH

October 24: Opening Ceremony

October 27-November 16: Guest presentations; a sampling:

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