Learning2gether with ELT Live#5 – Professional Development Online and off

Learning2gether Episode 237

On Tue Sep 30 Learning2gether was in a Hangout on Air with Jeff Lebow and ELT Live#5 – Professional Development Online and off


Earlier this week

Sun Sep 21 – Learning2gether with the Fall Blog Festival


Wed Sep 24 ELT Live #4: How do students and teachers feel about going online with materials, assignments, and portfolios?


Fri Sep 26 Understanding The Teaching System on WizIQ: Managing Audio & Video 

Presented by: Dr. Nellie Deutsch


This is the link to the PPT for the session on Managing Audio and Video:


Sat Sep 27 1400 GMT – IATEFL Webinar Susan Hillyard – Challenging ELT: Challenging Methodology to Reach Challenging English Language Learners

IATEFL monthly webinars are free of charge and are open to both members and non-members of IATEFL. No pre-registration is required, just click on http://www.iatefl.org/web-events/webinars on the day to join the webinar.

Susan photo Susan Hillyard – ‘Challenging ELT: Challenging Methodology to Reach Challenging English Language Learners’27 September 2014, 15:00 BSTTo find out what time the webinar airs from your location please check out the world clock hereDo you have some challenging students in some of your classes? Do you get frustrated with current methodology? Do you want to reach these students and engage them? Do you support inclusion? Do you want to change the refrain from “I can’t” to “I can”? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then join us for this session. You’ll get lots of ideas to go, wherever you face the challenge and you and your challenging students may start shouting “I CAN!”

Sun Sep 28 IATEFL YLT-SIG Webinar: María J. García San Martín on the timeline of an e-connected story

I like what  Nellie Deutsch says in her invitation to “teachers from around the globe. Join IATEFL YLTSIG free bi-monthly webinars automatically. Receive reminders of the live online events and watch the recordings as many times as you wish. You’ll have an opportunity to learn by engaging with the presenters, the content material of the webinars, and with other educators from around the globe. Just click on the following link: http://www.wiziq.com/course/75751-webinars-for-iatefl-ylt-sig to join the  webinar area,”  or here to join this one: http://iateflyltsig.wiziq.com/online-class/2141496-ylt-webinars-the-timeline-of-an-e-connected-story

Mon Sep 29 Connected Courses Webinar

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