Learning2gether in Hangout with Marijana Smolcec talking about the EU LLP Comenius Project

Learning2gether Episode 234

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Learning2gether Sun Sep 7 1400 GMT Hangout with Marijana Smolčec on the EU LLP Comenius project

Marijana Smolčec met with us in Hangout to tell us a little about the EU LLP Comenius project she has been working on for the past 2 years. This was her presentation topic at the recent RSCON5 online conference


At this event, Marijana explained how her European Comenius project connected students from 4-countries on a project where they simulated forming companies in their respective countries based on wholesome foods produced locally in each country, and how their funding allowed them to non-virtually transport the students to each of the 4 countries for events ranging from farmers’ markets that were in fact set up for the project (but in the videos look like the real thing), job interviews for one of the companies, and so on. They appeared on TV in their countries, produced eBooks, and the students learned a lot about business, culture, geography, cool tools to use in international communications both online and F2F and in documenting their experiences. This is really some amazing work with regards to commitment to teaching and engagement of students. Marijana has talked about this before but I got her to slow down, back up, explain how it got started. Since it was just the two of us and not time bound, we explored and I screen shared it all. Checking the video I see I managed to put up the screen share but except for a slip of the mouse at 53 minutes, did not have any of the usual talking heads in the recording. But I hope our followers will benefit from the recording.
How this works at showtime



Earlier this week

Sun Aug 31 – Learning2gether with Dawn Bikowski discussing gaming and language learning


Mon Sep 1 through Sun Oct 5 HSLMOOC14 on WizIQ

Healthy and Sustainable Living MOOC free online course affilated with WizIQ and Sustainability Studies (MASS) program at Ramapo College of New Jersey is scheduled for September 1 – October 5, 2014. You’re all invited: http://www.wiziq.com/course/62978-healthy-and-sustainable-living-mooc-2014

Blog: http://www.wiziq.com/teachblog/healthy-sustainability-living-mooc-wiziq/

Mon Sep 1 1500 GMT HSLMooc -Opening Ceremony

Class Presenter: Drs. Nellie Deutsch and Ludmila Smirnnova

Class Title: HSLMOOC14: Opening Ceremony.

Sat Sep 6 1330 GMT HSLMooc – Michael Edelstein on Sustainable Transition

Class Presenter: Professor Michael Edelstein, Ph.D

Class Title: HSLMOOC14: Making the Sustainable Transition

Sat Sep 6 1600 GMT – Understanding The Teaching System on WizIQ: CO-Presenter

Drs. Nellie Deutsch and Ludmila Smirnova  ‘Understanding The Teaching System on WizIQ: CO-Presenter’

Click here to access the Class

Sun Sep 7 1330 GMT HSLMooc Discussion1: Regional Activists

Class Presenter: Aytakin Asgarova

Class Title: HSLMOOC14: Panel Discussion1: Regional Activists.

Mon Sep 8 Martha Gold on MM5: Books and Lessons to Present Information on Moodle

Class Presenter: Martha Gold
Class Title: MM5: Books and Lessons to Present Information on Moodle.
Class Date: Monday, October 6, 2014
Class Time: 7:00 PM ((GMT+04:00) Abu Dhabi, Muscat)
Click here to access the class.

Sat Sep 6 L’usage de francais at Virtlantis

Time http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converted.html?iso=20140906T12&p1=234&p2=2059

Please have a look at the online activity calendar for additional info:

VIRTLANTIS is a free language learning resource and community of practice in the virtual worlds of Second Life® and Avination®.
We have been offering and facilitating free language learning activities since 2006.

What do we do at VIRTLANTIS?
We offer free informal learning activities for a growing number of languages!
Simply check out our activity calendar for additional information about our activities and how to participate.

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