Vance Stevens presents “Once a Webhead always a Webhead”

Learning2gether Episode 202

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On Tue Feb 11 Vance Stevens presented at a MultiMOOC and ICT4ELT EVO sessions joint event – Once a Webhead always a Webhead

This was an Electronic Village Online event for Week 5 (Focus) in MultiMOOC EVO session, held jointly with ICT4ELT

Event listing on ICT4ELT portal:


In Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)


In preparation for the event, you can read over the draft book chapter here:

It explains connections between Webheads in Action, WiAOC, Learning2gether, EVO, Becoming a Webhead, and MultiMOOC

Becoming a Webhead is not offered as an EVO session for the first time in ten years, but its moderators have created an alternative EVO session to follow on the collaborative spirit of BaW – ICT4ELT at Now that BaW is no longer being offered, its moderators think it important to introduce ICT4ELT participants to the Webheads <>, so they have invited Vance Stevens to join them in a live session in Week 5. This would be also an opportunity for ICT4ELT to get to know Learning2gether, at which, says Jose Antonio Da Silva, “there is always someone presenting something very interesting every weekend.” (Thanks, Jose 🙂

Here is a summary of what ICT4ELT will be covering in EVO Week 5 (Jan 10 – 16, 2014)

  • Cooperating online & wrap-up.
  • Revisiting Twitter, wikis, blogs, google docs (one platform of participants’ choice)
  • International project work with other participants of the course, possible school projects for the future
  • Finding out about the Webheads community as a PLN – the possibility of joining the Webheads


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