Ali Bostancioglu on Technology Professional Development: Networking and Online Communities

Learning2gether Episode 200

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On Sun Feb 2 Ali Bostancioglu presented on Technology Professional Development: Networking and Online Communities

This was an Electronic Village Online event for Weeks 3-4 (Network-Cluster) in the MultiMOOC EVO session, as well as a regularly scheduled Learning2gether event.

In Googe Hangout, streamed from

You Tube video link for the recording

Ali’s slides:

Ali Bostancioglu is a PhD student at the University of York, UK, where he is investigating the impact of engaging in online communities of practice on EFL teachers’ technology professional development. He will talk about communities vs. networks and how different social media platforms can best be used in pursuit of technology professional development. His presentation ends with advice for managing both the affordances and potential pitfalls of social media platforms.

We met in Google Hangout on Air, streamed from

Those wishing to join us in HoA can find the direct link provided at the URL above shortly before the event, as well as at the ‘more information’ link here:

All Learning2gether events are recorded and archived at

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Earlier this week

Jan 26 and Jan 28 MultiMOOC sessions

Rhizo14 Week 3 Embracing Uncertainty

Download mp3

This is a really cool hangout. Prior to this Dave had been experimenting with creating breakout rooms during the hangouts, creating gaps on the audio that could easily be removed, but some odd moments on the YouTube videos where he would be puttering about his house and visibly (but not audibly) engaging in the breakouts.  Also, the previous recordings came off as monologues, at odds with his so-inclusive Worldbridges endeavors, whereas this one he has invited others into the hangout, admitting voices of  others in the MOOC, and thereby embracing uncertainty while pulling off another totally extemporaneous event that models what it intends to get across, that certainty is an attempt to control proceedings by falling back on scarcity; uncertainty in turn embraces abundance.

Tue Jan 28 1830 GMT NNEST-EVO Session with Dr. Valerie Jakar

Listed on the EVO Events calendar

as taking place in Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

Thanks to an ongoing grant from

Fri 31 Jan 0800 GMT Charles Goodger – Let’s make a song and dance of it

An EVO Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers event

More information here:

Fri Jan 31 1500 GMT Tessa Woodward in IATEFL Webinar

Gary Motteram informed FB of an up and coming IATEFL Webinar Friday, 31 January 2014 at 3pm GMT

Tessa Woodward will be holding a webinar on ‘Enjoying personal and professional creativity’
Tessa will encourage us to consider a number of aspects on the topic of creativity. Join us for this fun and informative webinar which is free of charge and open to all.

Sat Feb 1 1630 GMT ICT4ELT session with Claudio Azevedo

“From Darkness to a Sparkling Connected ELT Community”

Took place in Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

Thanks to an ongoing grant from

The recording link is available from the Live Session page at

The direct link is here

Sun 2 Feb – 1200 GMT Luke Podromou – Self-esteem in the Classroom

“Building Self-esteem in the Classroom – from Principle to Practice”

An EVO Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers event

More information here:

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