Learning2gether with EVO moderator training Week 2 Hangout on Air

Learning2gether Episode 186

Download MP3:

This was about how to conduct and manage a Google+ Hangout, for EVO moderators and others interested the technique


Where – The session was conducted as a streamed Hangout

Who? Moderators and session hosts

  • Vance Stevens
  • Elizabeth Anne

How did it work?

We showed in this session how, although only ten are able to get into a Hangout at any one time, we can manage it with dozens of moderators by setting up an etherpad clone at http://webheadsinaction.org/live, streaming the session there live, and using the text chat to manage a revolving door so that people can have some minutes in the Hangout, withdraw, and others may enter.  And everyone can participate.

  • The Hangout URL for Nov 3  …
    • Direct Link to Hangout on Air: was posted just prior to the event
  • The stream will go live at around 1400 GMT
  • If the Hangout gets full


This synchronous session was scheduled for EVO Moderator Training Week 2 http://evo-training.pbworks.com/w/page/5965200/Week2


The text of these announcements gives more details:

Last week L2g and EVO moderators met at Bb Collaborate Elluminate which is a good choice for online events for simplicity. It works well, anyone can get in without credentials, and will give you a recording of your session.  You can download Elluminate Publish and get an mp3 or mp4 of your sessions if you wish.  We talked last week about how you can be a moderator of your session and if anyone wants to know more about that just write this list.

This week we are going to learn how to run a Google+ Hangout on Air in such a way that you overcome the just-ten limitation of people actually in the HoA and stream to a wider audience, and interact with them in text chat so that you can revolve more participants in and out of your hangout.

You can set this up in any blog or wiki where you can embed a YouTube video, and in the same way you embed an Etherpad clone text chat.  You then set up a Hangout and get its embed code.  You can get this before you actually start recording the hangout (in other words, the embed works, but visitors are told to come back later until you start the HoA).  When you activate the HoA, the embedded video will stream the Hangout live via its embed code.  When the hangout ends, that same code becomes the archive recording of the event, on YouTube.

The technique is to plant this embed at your blog or wiki site.  You can also embed a text chat (we use Etherpad clones) so that on the same page people can listen to the streamed hangout through the YouTube embed and interact with you and each other in the Etherpad clone embedded there as well.

I learned this technique from my mentor Jeff Lebow, to whom many gratitudes, and in deference to the master, who took the trouble to take out a domain name on http:webheadsinaction.org/  I continue to use http://webheadsinaction.org/live to stream our hangouts.

To find out what to do on Sunday, you can go to the above link, where you will find the streaming video and the text pad where you can interact with us in txt chat.  You can also find here and at http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/w/page/32206114/volunteersneeded#Nextupcomingevents the direct URL for the HoA, which we will have once we start the Hangout (to get its embed code, but not start streaming until 1400 GMT).

So, you can start at http://webheadsinaction.org/live. If you are an early bird you will find the HoA URL there and can join us in the HoA.

When the HoA has ten people you won’t be able to join directly but you can listen in the stream and interact with us in the text pad.  We will need people to monitor that by the way and alert me if I miss anything there due to multitasking. If you are one of ten people in the HoA and if you feel you have said what you want to say, you can excuse yourself and we can announce on air and in the txt pad that there are more places in the HoA.  Normally we have people coming and going as with a revolving door.  At the end you all see yourselves on YouTube, what could be more wonderful?

So, come along and see how it works, and it will be F.U.N. if nothing else.

Here is the EVO record of the event:

There was a back channel in Google chat that was very interesting



And here is the chat copied from the Etherpad at

Nellie Deutsch:17:58 Hello ALL
Nellie Deutsch:17:58 where’s the link to today’s hangout
Nellie Deutsch:18:00 it’s me
Nellie Deutsch:18:00 Found it, Vance
Vance in Al AIn:18:00 in the txt at left, ok
Maizie:18:01 Hi
Nellie Deutsch:18:01 Isn’t it possible to use the chat in the hangout?
Maizie:18:02 Am I in the hangout too?
ElizA:18:03 ElizabethA who has to find out where to add my name once again
Maizie:18:04 the join button in the hangout doesn’t seem to be available for me
ElizA:18:05 Hi Maizie – It just said to me that it was full
ElizA:18:05 once they start recording, we can move in (or out)
ElizA:18:06 Yikes – I’m off to change my colour !
Maizie:18:06 I have been here for ages waiting to join the hangout there was only Vance & me how comes its full?
ElizA:18:07 Oh – well it wasn’t full then I guess
ElizA:18:07 I’ve only just arrived
ElizA:18:07 @Nellie – only people in the hangout can use the chat
ElizA:18:07 so that has the same limit
Vance in Al AIn:18:07 sorry trying to fix the embed
ElizA:18:08 AND – the chat is not on the recording, se we wouldn’t see it anyway
Maizie:18:08 I see that it says that i am about to join the hangout but its been like that for ages and I don’t seem to be able to join
ElizA:18:09 Oh dear – lets hang on until they start streaming it
ElizA:18:10 I was in for 2 seconds – the connection dropped and now it says it full on my screen !
Vance in Al AIn:18:11 refresh this page and try direct Youtube link
Maizie:18:11 Well it still says I’m about to join!
Vance in Al AIn:18:11 does the direct link work?
Maizie:18:12 I refreshed and nothings changed
ElizA:18:12 I clicked on the direct link and have You tube in another window
Maizie:18:12 where is the direct youtube link?
ElizA:18:13 http://youtu.be/TFOmE5UkI1I
ElizA:18:13 on the main page on the right
Maizie:18:14 find it and am now listening to youtube stream
Maizie:18:14 I have been waiting to get in the hangout for 1/2 hour!!! didn’t get in
Tamas Lorincz:18:15 ;-(
ElizA:18:15 that’s a good idea – I’ll get the youtube on my tablet 🙂
ElizA:18:15 Tamas – were you in at any time?
Tamas Lorincz:18:16 No, I didn’t want to barge in, I thought I’d just lurk today 😉
ElizA:18:16 ust realised – it wanted to update my Java – though I did it not long ago
ElizA:18:16 could that be a part of the prob of getting in?
Tamas Lorincz:18:17 Interaction here seems to be pretty awesome though.
Tamas Lorincz:18:17 Yes, that can be a reason.
ElizA:18:17 (@TL – I just don’t see you “barging” anywhere !
Tamas Lorincz:18:17 If java is downnloading/updating it likes to stop java running …
ElizA:18:18 Oh dear 😦
Jens Kjaer Olsen. Denmark:18:18 hi from jens
ElizA:18:18 Jens – are you in or out?
Tamas Lorincz:18:18 Yes, I am and it’s looking pretty good.
Jens Kjaer Olsen. Denmark:18:18 am i on here?
ElizA:18:18 No … in the hangout
Jens Kjaer Olsen. Denmark:18:19 oki
ElizA:18:20 Cool – I’ve got the you tube streaming on my tablet!
unnamed:18:22 hi vance and all! i can’t access G+. tried several times
unnamed:18:22 am following on YT and finally got the text chat going
unnamed:18:22 i need a new computer 😉
ElizA:18:22 Hi anonymous!
unnamed:18:22 unnames is teresa in lisbon area
unnamed:18:23 unnamed, i meant
ElizA:18:23 you’re not the only one
Vance in Al AIn:18:23 Please type your name after pulling down the pawn icon (view screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/iCOKdm1KJNuG
ElizA:18:23 Go to the VERY top under the sign “EtherPas
ElizA:18:23 EtherPad
ElizA:18:24 Pawn in the thop RH corner
ElizA:18:24 top
unnamed:18:24 i now have a name, i hope 😉
unnamed:18:25 nope!!! duh!!!
Maizie:18:25 Vance I have been trying to get into the hangout and it says I’m about to join all the time
ElizA:18:25 A problem with Adobe connect is that people via Satellite can’t use it (their sound doesn’t work
Janet:18:25 hi it’s Janet again just testing this chat box 🙂
unnamed:18:25 now my name shows for me, at least
ElizA:18:26 So Janet is the unnamed
unnamed:18:26 and now janet shows as me in my computer. lol
Janet:18:26 I’ve just posted this once, but it’s on teresa’s name?
ElizA:18:26 lol
unnamed:18:26 right!!! gremlins are around!!!! 😉
unnamed:18:27 brb
ElizA:18:27 I think you both logged on at exactly the same time ROFL
Janet:18:27 That’s strange, I wonder why it’s doing this
Janet:18:27 I see, thanks Elizabeth
ElizA:18:27 I’ve lost the stream – anyone else lost it?
Tamas Lorincz:18:28 I’m still in. Do you need the link again?
ElizA:18:28 It’s on the page to the left – thanks
Tamas Lorincz:18:28 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFOmE5UkI1I
ElizA:18:30 What a fiasco
Janet:18:31 (Janet), no I’m not the ‘unnamed’ lol
ElizA:18:32 I’ve been having a whale of a time
ElizA:18:32 Is that the right whale?
unnamed:18:32 Hi I think I finally managed to log into webheads in action
unnamed:18:32 still nameless. I wonder why
Tamas Lorincz:18:33 Yeyyy, well done. welcome
ElizA:18:33 Bravo!! Now person in Green – go to the top RH corner o this Etherpad section
ElizA:18:33 click on the pawn which says 16
Tamas Lorincz:18:33 Click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of etherpad and insert your name in the top box, and hit enter.
ElizA:18:33 add your name there!
Tamas Lorincz:18:34 😉
ElizA:18:34 But a hangout doesn’t have to be on air
unnamed:18:34 back. just had a wonderful big cup of soup 🙂
ElizA:18:34 It can be private (and is much easier to set up)
ElizA:18:35 Tere – have another try at putting your name in
ElizA:18:35 Please
ElizA:18:36 Good grief – I’ve got a big boobed woman on the right every time I go to the YouTube tab 😦
Vance in Al AIn:18:36 I’m not following the chat here very well, but I’m looking at it now. Any issues?
Vance in Al AIn:18:37 ElizA lucky you 🙂
ElizA:18:37 I think you need just to call in to let people in from time to time
Tamas Lorincz:18:37 ElizA Vance LOL
ElizA:18:39 Goodness – I greatly dislike FB
Tamas Lorincz:18:40 You see, I get Sarah Palin….
unnamed:18:40 Goodbye, everyone. Catch up with you later. this is JA in Brazil
ElizA:18:40 Give me the boobs then
ElizA:18:40 Bye Jose
unnamed:18:40 Take care. Hangout is great
unnamed:18:41 By ElizA
Tamas Lorincz:18:41 By JA
ElizA:18:41 This Etherpad is really not the best thing
ElizA:18:43 There are 11 anaymous people, who can’t get in here
unnamed:18:45 eliza, i find this ethernet user-friendly. hope i’ll change my mind some other time
Tamas Lorincz:18:45 I love etherpad
Tamas Lorincz:18:45 It takes some getting used to
unnamed:18:45 teresa just said that. i’m unnamed again.
Marisa:18:45 Hey I just saw this text chat hi all
Tamas Lorincz:18:45 Hi Marisa.
unnamed:18:45 i believo so, tamas. loved your intro video (teresa)
Vance in Al AIn:18:46 Please type your name after pulling down the pawn icon (view screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/iCOKdm1KJNuG )
Tamas Lorincz:18:46 Cheers.
Janet:18:46 Janet – Hi Marisa
unnamed:18:46 hi marisa
Marisa:18:46 I have put in my name Unnamed People!!!!! 😀
Janet:18:46 (Janet) to Teresa – how can we swap names?
Marisa:18:46 Click on that little icon pls
Nellie Deutsch:18:46 https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpihpq1o5fa0etl8kfcovr6s?authuser=0&hl=en
Nellie Deutsch:18:46 Maizie, click on the link: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpihpq1o5fa0etl8kfcovr6s?authuser=0&hl=en
Janet:18:47 I did 🙂
ElizA:18:49 Bravo -Marisa – I keep getting extra sounds and can’t speak though I’m in the hangout
Marisa:18:50 have you tried the effects in the hangouts? hats etc? 🙂
unnamed:18:50 bye everyone! (teresa)
Marisa:18:50 bye teresa
Janet:18:51 Bye, Teresa
Janet:18:51 I’ve done it, success – managed to change my name 🙂
ElizA:18:51 Teresa – I can understand you
ElizA:18:52 Marisa – I got in the hangout, and then was booted out – so hats …
ElizA:18:52 twice
ElizA:18:52 Now it’s full again
Marisa:18:53 going to go cheers everyone
Marisa:18:54 good to see you all
Tamas Lorincz:18:54 Bye wonderful Marisa.
Vance in Al AIn:18:54 bye marisa 🙂
Vance in Al AIn:18:56 yay Janet~!!!
ElizA:18:58 Thanks Nellie
Janet:18:59 Thanks, @ Vance
Janet:19:00 Sorry I have to leave now. It’s been very informative. Thanks so much everyone!
Vance in Al AIn:19:00 great, nice to see you
Janet:19:01 Thanks, Vance. Bye!!
ElizA:19:06 Bye Janet
Tamas Lorincz:19:09 I’m signing out too. This has been fun.
Nellie Deutsch:19:12 Thank you all
Tamas Lorincz:19:12 Thanks Nellie
Jens Kjaer Olsen. Denmark:19:18 bye everybody…!


And this was in the main window of the same etherpad chat space

Vance Stevens in in this chat space now.
EVO Moderators, and Learning2gether should appear here before  1400 GMT Sunday Nov 3, 2013
Join the hangout at
  • The Hangout URL for Nov 3  …
  • The stream will go live at around 1400 GMT
  • If the Hangout gets full
  • You can interact with us in text chat here
but be aware that if you open the chat in a new window it will log you out of the one you were in before
Get more info about today’s session at
You can use this chat space at any time but especially from around noon to 1400 GMT on any Sunday where we have a Hangout planned, to connect with the Webheads in Action and Learning2gether communities.
  1. You can open a chat window this way (screencast) –> http://screencast.com/t/YuzEU1L2TFMx
2. Please type your name after pulling down the pawn icon (view screenshot:http://screencast.com/t/iCOKdm1KJNuG )
You can reach this link from http://learning2gether.net and fromhttp://learning2gether.pbworks.com
 November 3, 2013 (Week 2 wrap-up for EVO mods’ training)
 Am I in the right place? Thisi s Anne Marie in DC.
 Hello this is Janet from Abruzzo here.  Am I supposed to type here?
 Hi Janet. Nice to see you here again 😉  Same here 🙂
 Good evening, this is Tamas from Dubai.
 Hi Tamas how are you?-This is  Maizie
 Hi Mazie. Good to see you. I’m well and very happy to have another techie on the mentoring team 😉
 This is Nina here If you are having trouble finding the live stream it’s at http://youtu.be/TFOmE5UkI1I
 Hi Tamas, Janet, Anne Marie, Maizie from Nina
 Hi I’m just going to the Youtube link now.  – HI Nina!
 Hi Nina. Thanks for the link.
 The direct link works!!!  What link is that? The link to Youtube streaming live right now.  I am watching it 🙂  I am listening and chatting here with you guys (Nina)Who is the pink? Mine does not–I have a big blank white space where the video should be embedded Try this :  http://youtu.be/TFOmE5UkI1I  Thanks, I am now watching it.  How many computers do we need?  🙂   Only one!
  maizie, I was in the hangout for a few minutes but it’s full so I came here
  I am going to post the streaming video link on the yahoo group brb
 Yeah, maybe I was the eleventh person.  😦
I like the colors in text chat, so that I can follow along that it is a different person commenting.
My favourite is the time slider above where you can follow how a text builds up
Hey all  Who said that (Nina)
Vance: “kind of moderating”??? (Nina)
A typical problem with hangouts: people running the stream and being on the hangout and then you start hearing yourself in multiple versions… (Tamas) You have to mute or turn off one of them(Nina)
Are you all seeing this little black box with a conversation between ElizA and unnamed?
Yes, Where is that coming from?
If you click on the chat box in the bottom right hand corner you get to see the chat – was that the question? not sure…
 I am experiencing this, but not really understanding how I am going to use this for my EVO.  Is this an experience of many that I will then choose from to run our session?   Good question Well, I ask the same question. I don’t think hangouts are an ideal synchronous meeting space. They are kind of complicated for first-time users. It’s not uncommon to spend quite a lot of time trouble-shooting, like today. OTOH I think for your backchannel (communication among moderators during the training session, afterwards and during the EVo itself) it’s a great option. Few sessions have more than 10 mods. I think BbCollab is probably a better choice for synch meetings, or WiZIQ (stay tuned next week for Nellie’s session)   I currently use Bb for my online class.  I don’t use a sychronous option because my students are all teachers and tend to be online very late at night.  However, they can use Google+ with their collaborative projects.  Exactly, it’s a great option for collaborative projects!Nina
 Have our own WiziQ class space and an Adobe Connect Pro class – in Second Life though I doubt we will need to use them unless some participants are completely unable to log in and we cant ts stscreenshare Secong LifeIf you have WiZIQ I think that works fine for synchronous meetings and events. Nina  who is  purple?? OH cool Nina It was a happy accident, purple being my favorite color 🙂 Nina
I have actually used hangouts quite a lot and am quite OK – but limitation of 10 people when you have a large group somewhat limiting Yes, exactly, and this etherpad and youtube stream are a bit …confusing? It’s not obvious how to move from here to there (right now there are 10 people there so there is no room) But is tehre someone over there monitoring this chat? Maybe there could be a line of people who want to try the hangout? But somebody over there needs to be telling people to leave so the next in line can joib. it’s really more complicated than I would like to deal with, if I were moderating a chat.
Jen has a good point though – it might be a good tool for subgroups to work together off SL grid
 Hi all watching – @Marisa_C  Hi Marisa! Kalos ilthes! (Nina) Geia sou Ninaki mou 🙂
 Hello, gorgeous Marisa.  Hope you are well. Hi tamasito – mwah  🙂
 Hi Marisa, lovely to see you :-)) – this is Janet typing here!  Hya there Teresa – trying to catch up on my homework  thanks for your help
 Susan is making a good point, about  having so many spaces to deal with on one’s computer
Absolutely. It’s one of the aspects participants freak out about on the EVO sessions – too many tools and not sure what to do with them…
I notice 2 of the people in the hangout have got funny things on them, lol
Yes, it’s one of the things you can do on hangouts, you can put on funny props – yes I think I read about that- looks like fun
It does break up conversations in a funny way and lightens the mood.
RE:  What Vance just said about Elluminate (now Blackboard Collaborate) –it works much better for large groups. WiZIQ too.
“First come, first served–fastest on the draw”  Maybe not ideal for EVO? What do you think? Nina
So some people are leaving the hangout–if you want to try to get in, now’s the time: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpihpq1o5fa0etl8kfcovr6s?authuser=0&hl=en
Message for Hangout – can folks leave once they get the hang of it as there are folks in the Youtube Chat that want to try and join
I’ve just discovered I can comment in the chat directly on YouTube! Nina
no you don’t need an account on wiziq
I have just spent some time on WiziQ and it looks really useful.
It’s got a great interface especially the whiteboard tools
Lovely Google effects being tried out at the moment  Thanks, everyone.  Have to leave now.  It’s been great fun! Thanks for coming, Janet! have a great Week 3, everyone  Thanks to you all.  See yo in week 3 :-)))
Maizie Click this link and then accept that you are going on air and it should work.
We have a lot of work to do tonight, so please let me say thank you!!  I will listen to the last of the youtube session.
Continuing the conversation at https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpjnj56qgsqg8kbq1mi753ec?authuser=0&hl=en with Nina and Nellie!
 9/15/13 Correcting papers on a very busy Sunday but am listening in as I work. Nina Liakos

And what else? This was the week that was in the wider world of Learning2gether

Tue Oct 29 – Dr Elaine Hoter and Merja Karvinen – 2nd of 2 free intercultural online exchange webinars



This series of 2 free webinars is for all teachers and lectures who have always wanted to connect with classes in other countries but it never actually worked out- this is your opportunity to learn how to collaborate with online partners, find partners for your topic area and age group and have a free social network to carry out your joint activities. The two webinars in this series will give you the tools to carry out successful sustainable online collaboration and give you insights on applications that can help with collaborative online learning. The series is supported by a Fulbright grant.




When? 1500 GMT

Time where you are:


Tue Oct 29-Nov 1 0030 GMT Steve Hargadon finalized interviews each week day for Connected Educator Month

Check out what’s going on with Connected Educator Month 

Every week night during Connected Educator Month, join Steve Hargadon from 7:30 – 8:30 pm US-Eastern Daylight Time for an hour of online relaxed and social time with some great special guests.

The recordings and other events are listed here: http://connectededucators.org/events/

A list of the currently scheduled guest for the rest of the month is below, but it’s changing every hour so don’t come here to see it updated–go to http://bit.ly/connected_cafe to stay updated, or look for our events in the Connected Educators calendar.
Each night is associated with one of the themes of Connected Educator Month, with the currently scheduled guests are to the right in bold type.Oct 29 0030 GMT – October 28 21st Century Classroom Management: Suzie Boss, Jane Nelsen
Oct 30 0030 GMT – October 29 Connected Leadership: Keith Krueger, Scott McLeod
Oct 31 0030 GMT – October 30 Connection to Collaboration: Richard Byrne, Adam Bellow
Nov 1 0030 GMT – October 31 Innovating STEM and Literacy: tbd

The above list was updated Oct 21, 2013, but for the Real Definitive List,

visit The Future of Education at: http://www.futureofeducation.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

And find the recordings of all CEM interviews, in BbC, mp3, and mp4, here http://connectededucators.org/connectedcem-cafe/ 

Mon Oct 21 to Fri Nov 1 K-12 Online Conference

Week 1 of the 2013 K-12 Online Conference starts October 21st! 4 presentations will be published each day this week in the “Open Learning” and “Outside Learning” strands. All presentation links will be added to our 2013 schedule as they are published:

If you have not already, please watch and comment on Shannon M. Miller’s outstanding pre-conference keynote, “Transforming Learning….One Voice At A Time.”

All our presentations this year are being published to YouTube. Since the videos are initially “unlisted” on YouTube (because we want to unveil them each day when they are scheduled) they may not immediately appear publicly when you view all videos on our YouTube channel:

Please DO subscribe to our YouTube channel! Strand conveners will make videos public each day of the conference. Please also remember all our videos are available via iTunesU. This year we are not using Blip.tv, which converted videos into mp3 audio format, so only VIDEO versions will be available in iTunesU. Learn more and link to our iTunesU portal on:

However, you can convert your own YouTube videos to mp3 using Any Video Converter


Vance Stevens raves about this product.  You download it (free) to your computer and it works quite well to download a version of the YouTube video of your choice to your computer (in the video format you specify) and from that makes an mp3 from the copy on your computer.  Once you set it up it’s a 1-click process to go from your cached video to mp3.
Please also remember to follow us on Twitter and FaceBook!

Sincerely (K-12 Online team):
Ginger Lewman (convening “Building Learning”)
Jose Rodriguez (convening “Leading Learning”)
Karen Fasimpaur (convening “Open Learning”)
Susan van Gelder (convening “Outside Learning”)
Wesley Fryer
Peggy George

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