Vance Stevens discusses action research on student work with Prezi

Vance has created a course for a unique cohort of young students at the Naval College in UAE.  They all have laptops and their instructors at the college complain that their laptops are distracting in class, so the students’ attention and focus has to be earned and sustained in task-based activities. Therefore this course was designed to engage the students and leverage their ubiquitous access to computers into learning outcomes.

Vance has assembled survey and student blog data to verify student interest in the materials; but rather thanpresent on the topic (there is a recorded version online already) Vance would like for this to be a flippedpresentation where I briefly overview it and discuss with those present how they engage their students and make learning F.U.N.

The course would not have been possible without continuous access to and interaction with others in my CoP and extended PLN this past decade, which enabled me to experience engaged learning with peers in order to model it for my students.


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