Learner-centred do-it-yourself Learning Management Systems: Virtual fallout from live presentation at IATEFL ITSIG conference in Marrakech

Learning2gether Episode 86


This is the recording made at the Plenery presentation in Marrakech.
It accompanies this set of slides, http://www.slideshare.net/vances/learnercentered-doityourself-learning-management-systems-practical-aspects

Update: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 – Vance Stevens gave a presentation entitled Learner-centered do-it-yourself LMS at the 6th eLearning in Action conference held at the Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

eLearn presentation:

Vance was tagged in this photo on Facebook:


Above image from Graham Stanley’s view of Vance Stevens live from Marakkech

Keynote speech entitled Learner-centred do-it-yourself Learning Management Systems presented on-site at the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG http://ltsig.org.uk/ conference on Opportunities, challenges and practical solutions for the integration of ICT in education in Marrakech, Morocco from 8-11 February 2012, http://ltsig.org.uk/events/13-future-events/221-marrakesh-february-2012.html;


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Gary Motteram posted on Facebook …

This evening we’ll be opening our LTSIG Conference in Marrakech. We are expecting to broadcast the opening plenary via Adobe Connect. The url is: http://connectpro10829081.adobeconnect.com/r6nnnse2kg0/. Further details of the event and presentations are available on the LTSIG website: http//ltsig.org.uk.


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Natalie’s tweetfeed

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