Learning2gether through EVO Moderator Training – Week 3

Learning2gether Episode 73

Sunday Nov 13, 2011

Learning2gether through EVO Moderator Training – Week 3

EVO, or Electronic Village Online http://evosessions.pbworks.com/, is an annual program of free teacher professional development sessions, which take place in January and February each year.  Sessions are vetted in December and moderators are required to undergo training in the course of setting up their sessions in online spaces.

Those interested in Learning2gether today can help acculturate moderator-trainees in this week’s live online EVO moderator training:


  • Features of Tapped In – getting a virtual office
  • Managing Skype
  • Questions about Yahoo Groups
  • How is your syllabus and the training  going so far?
  • Keeping participants motivated – tips and tricks

When and where?

The EVO sessions attract participants who are practitioners in education, particularly ESOL, but who might be interested in any aspect of a given topic and might have any level of technological expertise.  Therefore it would help in training if educators such as those coming on this announcement would like to drop by and join in the conversations and activities associated with the training, and contribute their expertise.


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