Learning2gether – Vance Stevens discusses changes to TESOL PP107 Multiliteracies

Learning2gether Episode 64

Sunday September 11, 2011


Vance Stevens, a TESOL PP107 Multiliteracies event

Vance has made changes to the Multiliteracies course that he and colleagues have developed over the last several years, based on their experience and what has been learned from facilitating about a dozen iterations of the course.  In particular the course is more overtly rooted in the MOOC paradigm (where MOOC stands for miniscule open online course) with distinctly connectivist attitudes.  Assessment is done by what I call Me-Portfolios.  Accordingly we will try to make the course weave itself to some extent with what is happening the the EpCoP MOOC at https://sites.google.com/site/eportfoliocommunity/epcop-mooc (the E-portfolios CoP MOOC running through September) and the Change MOOC http://change.mooc.ca/ which started the day after this podcast took place.

Blog link (with slide presentation):


If you are interested in this topic and would like to join the course, it is an “open online course” so you can join in if you like.  Here are our spaces:


Recordings (in Elluminate viewer and mp3 streamed from Dropbox):

Here’s an example of making a screen shot using Jing (http://www.techsmith.com/jing/), saving the result to the Screencast cloudspace, and pasting its link at the end of this post, which Posterous displays as the image, below:

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For more information on the functional multiliteracies involved in this process see:

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