Me-Portfolios: Putting the ‘me’ in Me-Learning

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Me-Portfolios: Putting the ‘me’ in Me-Learning 

AbstractVance Stevens has been teaching a course on multiliteracies and revising it for a number of iterations over the past several years now ( One recent innovation was to set evaluation of the course by means of e-portfolios.  I have started referring to them as “Me-Porfolios” to draw attention to their constructivist/connectivist nature. The presentation describes the multiliteracies course and how it has recently evolved a MOOC approach with berry-bush supermarket presentation rather than prescribed guidance through course components.  MOOC stands for “massivie open online course” but I have suggested scaling the concept where “massive” becomes “miniscule”.

User choice in material to be covered makes it logical to encourage participants to adopt Me-Porfolios in (1) specifying their own course objectives and outcomes as they orient in the course; (2) presenting their individually tailored plan of achieving those objectives, and ; (3) documenting their accomplishments through an online portfolio linking to deliverables prepared in showcasing those outcomes. The presenter has found it wise to model e-portfolios to the participants as well as identify successful examples of e-portfolios. This presentation covers the literature on e-portfolios as presented in the course and shows the portal linking the Me-Portfolios prepared by the participants in the most recent rendition of the course.


Session recording:

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