Chat with Dr. Nellie Deutsch: Who is she and what does she do?


Vance Stevens, Nellie Deutsch, Sandy Wagner, and Snea Thinsan at TESOL New Orleans, March 2011

Nellie Deutsch earned her doctorate from the University of Phoenix from the School of Advanced Studies in 2010. Her dissertation research (available on ProQuest) focused on instructor experiences with integrating technology in blended learning contexts in higher education around the world. 

  • Nellie is the founder of Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL), a non-profit organization that provides free professional development workshops for groups around the world, generally in conjunction with different projects and initiatives.
  • Dr. Deutsch is also founder and current coordinator of the annual Connecting Online for Instruction and Learning andMoodlemoot free online conferences, hosted online by and supported by WizIQ online learning platform.
  • Dr. Deutsch has provided consultation on how to integrate Moodle and Elluminate learning environments for distance education at Open University and worked as a consultant at, supported by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Otago Polytechnic (New Zealand), and Athabasca Open University (Canada) in developing online courses and facilitation.
  • She is also an educational consultant, mentor, instructional course designer, and online facilitator on how to integrate technology into the face-to-face and online classroom using Moodle, WebQuestsProfessional Electronic Portfolios(Mahara), web 2.0 tools, social networks, and wikis.
  • In addition, she is an accredited PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills), conflict resolution, and Reiki practitioner, who practices and teaches Mindfulness Meditation and the Alexander Technique.
  • Dr. Deutsch has written chapters on the use of technology and research (Sage) in textbooks and has peer reviewed articles and books.
  • Dr. Deutsch also serves as chair for doctoral students.
  • Finally, Dr. Deutsch has presented at conferences in the United States and in virtual classes around the world.

In her words:

It all started with the WebQuest:

I am preparing 2 online and 1 f2f/online events:

Math & Arts in Ithaca, NY. July 18-22 (Math Camp), 23/24 

Moodlemoot in August 17-21, 2011

London, International Leadership Association conference, Oct 26-29

Moodle for Teachers (M4T), Professional Electronic Portfolio (PEP) (Mahara, Moodle & Open), WebQuest (Moodle & Open) at Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL)

Moodle 2.0:

Connecting Online Ning

Book on Interviewing Online for a Qualitative Research (Blended Learning) Sage



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