Vance Stevens hosts a trial run of with Webheads participants

Learning2gether Episode 38

Sunday, April 17. 2011 –


How do you close the screen shares you no longer want? We never did figure it out, but that’s what the lines are @#!?

BigMarker is free software running online that lets participants display voice and video, share screens, and of course text chat with one another. It has two modes, meeting space and presenter.  Today we try out a meeting space created for Webheads to hang out in. No password is required to join in, but please wear a headset (your mic will activate automatically).  I don’t think it has a recording mode; we may have to make a screencast. The room is available for common use by anybody at any time 24/7.  And anyone who can read a capcha can create his or her own room at http://bigmarker.comThanks and acknowledgement to Nik Peachey for the tip on this space, yet another illustration of how knowledge disseminates through a PLN.

When and where:


Screenshots (we didn’t bother screencasting our fumbling about learning this new software 😉

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