Rita Zeinstejer – Transform and Tailor your Teaching with Twitter

Sunday, December 5, 2010

In this session, Rita Zeinstejer introduces some apps that can enhance the value of Twitter as the best exponent of microblogging.  Here’s her summary of her presentation:

Formerly derided as high-tech trivia or the latest in time-wasting device, Twitter has become the major promoter of Microblogging, giving the public the possibility to speak directly to people and institutions from a comfortable pedestal, thus becoming an important marketing tool for celebrities, politicians and businesses, promising a level of intimacy never before achieved online. For language learning, Twitter’s conversational and concise style offers opportunities to practice specific language skills.

As a Microblogging tool, it can help educators in many ways. It could help develop fluency in written and oral skills; students could learn how to focus on what they say with more precision through tweeting themselves; teachers can differentiate and help to reinforce what they have introduced in their classrooms.

Twitter can lead to more interactive and swift discussions. It can also add to metacognitive work, i.e. reflexive learning, allowing the teacher to play the role of a facilitator and guide rather than the ‘know-it-all supervisor’.

In this presentation all Twitter features will be highlighted, with the participation of people in the chatroom, and some apps that can enhance the value of Twitter as the best exponent of Microblogging will also be introduced.

The recording of this presentation is available at

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