Deborah Pincon – Interview with Vance Stevens

October 17, 2010  


Overview: Deborah Pincon is in the Ph.D. program at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and is conducting a qualitative analysis of the types of support Webhead members provide to one another in the context of mediated (virtual) communication and small groups. To begin the study, she interviews Vance Stevens to get a feel for the overall goals and history of the Webheads. This will be followed by content analyses of  some postings to the Webheads YahooGroup and interactions at virtual conferences, and interviews of other Webheads members, after which she will submit her research for publication.

Debby has graciously consented to allow the initial interview to take place as one of our regularly scheduled Sunday teacher professional events, and to welcome everyone to attend.  There is more information about Webheads at

Elluminate recording:

Geekspeek podcast:

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