Writing for Webheads 21-year reunion with original members Vance Stevens, Michael Coghlan, & Felix Zaniboni, and Dan Bassill

Learning2gether episode #419 Download the audio here: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/2019sept08_w4wreunion_audio.m4a? Skip down to Earlier Events At the traditional meeting time of noon GMT, and on the usual day, Sunday, three original Writing for Webheads members convened in Zoom for a 21 year reunion. The date was September 8, 2019, and the original members who joined me, Vance […]

Weekly Webheads Sunday Revival Meeting #5

Download this audio https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/2020-04-26audio_only.m4a? Learning2gether Episode 454 and TALIN event #11 Navigation Read the Zoom Chat Logs and follow the hyperlinks Find out more about TALIN Skip down to Earlier Events that happened since the previous Learning2gther post The video above is from the Sunday, April 26, 2020, noon UTC Regular Webheads Weekly Revival Meeting. […]

Learning2gether with Bronwyn Stuckey – Reboot Quest Atlantis

Learning2gether Episode 289 Download mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/learning2gether-with-bron-stuckey-about-rebooting-quest-atlantis-yfipbb2szfq.mp3? Bron Stuckey is supporting a campaign to reboot Quest Atlantis, a project derived from Active Worlds which she has been intensively involved in. She will join us on Learning2gether to tell us about the importance to learners of Quest Atlantis and the Kickstarter campaign she is promoting to help […]

Learning2gether with Mbarek Akaddar about managing EVO with Trello

Learning2gether Episode 274 Download mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/learning2gether-with-mbarek-akaddar-about-managing-evo-with-trello-qvypknxtqqq.mp3? On Sunday May 24 at the usual time of 1400 GMT Learning2gether was pleased to meet with Mbarek Akaddar on the topic of managing the Electronic Village Onilne coordination team for the coming year with the Trello project management tool. What’s it about? Mbarek Akaddar is well-known in #webheadsinaction and #EVO circles for […]

Learning2gether with Lucy Gray and Peggy George about Global Collaboration Day

Learning2gether Episode 291 Download mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/learning2gether-with-lucy-gray-on-global-collaboration-day-oljizejva5w.mp3? On Sunday September 13 1300 UTC Learning2gether met with Lucy Gray and Peggy George to learn about Global Collaboration Day coming up on Sept 17 http://www.globalcollaborationday.org/about.html, a first annual demonstration of global collaboration for educators, encouraging students, teachers, organizations and companies to host virtual events involving technology on September 17, 2015. The primary goal […]

Dan Bassill and the Tutormentor connection: In quest of easy to use, low-cost, socially networked webinar hosting solutions

http://screencast.com/t/kpXtZRLf For more information,on Dan Bassill’s creative expenditure of cognitive surplus, explore these URLs http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/message/28932 http://www.tutormentorexchange.net/ http://www.t…