Weekly Webheads Sunday Revival Meeting #11 and JALTCALL 2020 online

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Learning2gether Episode 471
8th Webheads Revival #11
and TALIN event #24


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At these meetings, we always talk about whatever those present want to talk about.

In this session we talked a little about COVID-19 (of course) and what’s going on these days in the USA and around the world with regard to racial incidents. We also talked a bit about the JALTCALL 2020 online conference that Heike and I had both attended earlier that day. We compared notes on sessions we’d attended and expanded on a term that had come up during that conference, ERT, or Emergency Remote Teaching.  Heike and I introduced our Zoom configuration tutorials. 

And we also indulged, as usual, in a bit of F.U.N.


Cast of characters, in order of appearance in the text chat

  1. Vance Stevens
  2. Michael Coghlan
  3. Heike Philp
  4. Graham Stanley
  5. Chris Fry
  6. Maha Hassan
  7. Maru Del Campo Velasco
  8. Halima Kalanova
  9. Nina Liakos
  10. Laine Marshall

You can view the Facebook streamed video recording here

Promotion and Feedback

This was our logo for the TALIN event this week. That’s Graham Stanley in FaceRig garb.


This event was posted to these Facebook Groups

And announced here: https://groups.io/g/webheadsinaction/message/32643


Zoom Chat Logs

After Nina and I had chatted for a moment, Heike arrived wearing her finest goggles.

20:02:08 From Vance Stevens : https://www.screencast.com/t/6ipPwirMr
20:03:48 From Vance Stevens : https://www.screencast.com/t/bR4sbLaaq
20:20:20 From Heike Philp, Belgium : https://jaltcall2020.eventzil.la/session/85
20:20:31 From Heike Philp, Belgium : Paul Raine ELT.digital

Michael appeared fresh off the beach, followed by Graham, being extra careful not to infect others during these extraordinary times

20:21:22 From Graham Stanley : Here’s the manual for the game ‘Keep talking and nobody explodes’ https://bombmanual.com
20:21:43 From Heike Philp, Belgium : RPG in ELT
20:22:27 From Graham Stanley : https://www.facebook.com/groups/497315184483521
20:24:21 From Graham Stanley : https://jamboard.google.com/d/1BiZU7LiBpY6jB8T4vfvwbOku5a1b6weSljzjAxHIffY/viewer?fbclid=IwAR0sX9cKoi7moKaDyquQsaAU4WLK_u0zi5vbfM21HSfMgHk0DSZhHjb06p0
20:32:50 From Heike Philp, Belgium : hi Graham, the game the students played is called The Quiet Year!
20:33:09 From Chris Fry : And I’m afraid I must be going. It’s lunch time here. I’ll try and catch the rest on the recording later
20:33:39 From Maha Hassan : good afternoon, good evening everyone 🙂
20:33:53 From Graham Stanley : Heike, that’s the same game we played last week
20:34:14 From Graham Stanley : https://buriedwithoutceremony.com/the-quiet-year
20:34:25 From Heike Philp, Belgium : exactly the same game
20:34:29 From Maru Del Campo Velasco : Good morning/afternoon everyone
20:34:40 From Heike Philp, Belgium : it is created by Alder not by the lecturer
20:34:47 From Heike Philp, Belgium : sorry for the misinformation
20:36:27 From Vance Stevens : Sun 7 June noon UTC – Webheads Revival Weekly Sunday Meeting number 11
20:36:38 From Vance Stevens : https://www.screencast.com/t/hbYICRByjvhi

Here’s the original meme

and my follow-up2020-06-09_1036photoOPchallenge

20:40:01 From Vance Stevens : https://docs.google.com/document/d/12cNCX-aWOLs7mJNDLybXlrbIqFE74anIywRhUV-XtQ4/edit?usp=sharing
20:47:18 From Halima Kalanova : Hello to ALL
20:47:34 From Nina Liakos USA : Hello Halima
20:48:14 From Halima Kalanova : Sorry for being late
20:53:04 From Heike Philp, Belgium : hi Halima
20:53:18 From Heike Philp, Belgium : ERT
20:53:36 From Heike Philp, Belgium : Emergency Remote Teaching
20:53:49 From Halima Kalanova : Heike,How are You,dear Teacher!!!
20:55:35 From Heike Philp, Belgium : Hodges, More, Lockee, Trust & Bond, 2020
20:57:09 From Heike Philp, Belgium : live online – synchronous
20:57:20 From Heike Philp, Belgium : remote teaching
20:57:36 From Heike Philp, Belgium : asynchronous = online learning
20:59:03 From Laine Marshall : what about f2f – is that OK for synchronous or does that imply in-person only?
20:59:47 From Nina Liakos USA : I think of f2f as being in the same physical space
21:02:13 From Heike Philp, Belgium : nice thought f2f
21:02:31 From Halima Kalanova : Heike,Plz POST in Chat about Blended Learning!
21:02:43 From Maru Del Campo Velasco : Here the terms being used are Remote Learning and Online Learnin
21:03:04 From Maru Del Campo Velasco : +learning
21:03:07 From Heike Philp, Belgium : Remote Learning and Online Learning
21:03:16 From Heike Philp, Belgium : or is it Remote teaching and online learning?
21:03:54 From Heike Philp, Belgium : Graham you are still frozen
21:05:55 From Nina Liakos USA : I have to leave now. It’s been fun… see you next week
21:06:29 From Vance Stevens : bye nina
21:06:43 From Maru Del Campo Velasco : In a gobernment conference this week the terms used were Remore Learning and Online Learning. The focus is on Learning, teaching role
21:06:45 From Graham Stanley : here’s the link to the ERT article https://er.educause.edu/articles/2020/3/the-difference-between-emergency-remote-teaching-and-online-learning#:~:text=Emergency%20Remote%20Teaching,mode%20due%20to%20crisis%20circumstances.
21:06:47 From Maru Del Campo Velasco : Bye Nina
21:06:55 From Vance Stevens : cheers graham
21:08:20 From Laine Marshall : Thank you. Also, because you pushed me to do that demonstration, I know use SOFLA with my professional development work
21:10:19 From Maru Del Campo Velasco : Thanks everyone
21:11:10 From Maru Del Campo Velasco : Enjoy dinner Vance
21:11:30 From Laine Marshall : I never ever regret joining these meetings!!!!
21:11:34 From Halima Kalanova : Thank you!

Notes from JALTCALL 2020

The JALTCALL 2020 online conference was held on Saturday and Sunday 6-7 June from morning to late afternoon  Japan time on both days.

The event was masterfully hosted at https://jaltcall2020.eventzil.la.
At that page you can read:

During these interesting times, we find ourselves building something new and exciting through the amazing efforts and huge patience of a wonderful group of presenters and sponsors including our keynote speaker, Dr. Charles Browne. More than ever this is a conference that aims to bring us together and showcases the role that technology can play in this endeavor. The role of technology in the classroom suddenly finds itself in the spotlight and we look forward to seeing you all on June 6th and 7th.
Gary Ross & James York, JALTCALL2020 Online Co-chairs.

Look and feel

The home page had an iterative design structure which I found annoying at first (because it wasn’t linear) but came to appreciate once I’d quickly familiarized myself with it. Familiarity had fully occurred by the time I got logged in.

Before, that, if you tried to access the full schedule it would be suggested that you log in. If you couldn’t do that, it would tell you you needed a ticket. There were paying options (and I heard at the closing that presenters had to pay to present, if I heard that right) but one of the options was a “Welcome” free ticket. Once you’d registered and obtained that you could access the full schedule. There was a pdf “block” schedule which might have been handy if I’d wanted to print it and carry it with me, but since I was sitting in one chair the whole time, all I needed was the online schedule, many pages long and covering both days, which was useful for searching for particular presentations. But there was also a schedule for presentations about to start or happening now. Once I’d found that one, there was no further need to figure out what time it was or where we were in the program. Having chosen a presentation, you could easily click on the Zoom rooms to be taken there. Some presentations had streaming options, again just a click away.

The conference was professionally produced but had a friendly, relaxed ambience. You could enter the rooms with or without video (I always chose without). Once there you were requested to switch off webcams and mute mics during presentations. Almost all complied with the latter, the former was tolerated. During question sessions participants were invited to activate their mics and web cams. Besides giving rise to fruitful discussion at the end of each webinar, there was also the ongoing text chat, which as Dr. Charles Browne, usually referred to as ‘Charlie’, pointed out in the closing session, enriched the interaction among participants much more than would happen during a sit and get presentation at a live conference (unless there existed a robust Twitter or other chat app such as Yo!Teach, back channel).

I was only able to attend the following Sunday sessions

10:40 – Online speech: utilizing speech recognition in the classroom today
https://jaltcall2020.eventzil.la/session/1 –  Gary Ross and Stephen Henneberry

This talk demonstrated a free online system for practicing conversation that utilizes the speech recognition and synthesis capabilities built into modern browsers.

11:20 – Developing a language learning system that appropriates the affordances of VR
https://jaltcall2020.eventzil.la/session/29 – Koichi Shibata and James York

This presentation concerns the current iteration of a VR system designed to promote speaking skills as participants carry out collaborative tasks.

13:00 – Survey of recent research in MALL in Japanese EFL Contexts
https://jaltcall2020.eventzil.la/session/60 – Edo Forsythe

This presentation provided a survey of the CALL-related research literature in Japanese EFL contexts from the previous seven years. The presenter provided examples of how various technologies from computers to smartphones to video cameras to virtual reality devices are being employed in English classrooms in Japan.

Edo Forsythe presented a mind-blowing listing of research suggesting uses for MALL in EFL classes and I started collecting screenshots when he started focusing on smart phones. He mentioned some studies which he adapted in his own classes, and stressed that the over-riding theme in many is that students tended to prefer using smart phones to computers.

15:20 – Engaging with the world: Reddit in the university classroom #16
https://jaltcall2020.eventzil.la/session/16 – James York

This presentation introduced a pedagogical intervention designed to promote university-level students to participate in communities of English speakers from around the world using online affinity spaces such as those found on Reddit, Twitter, and online forums.

James got his students posting on Reddit and engaging with native / random speakers, despite it’s not being kid-safe. James clearly felt that this was not a problem in his context, but he warned others to be aware of this. The students apparently got into it – James showed numerous examples of his students’ interactions on Reddit and of their reflectons on what they did.

One of his students was a master at “gun plastic”?
He discussed his models on this Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Gunpla/

Here is a template for a reflection on https://www.reddit.com/r/MonsterHunterWorld/

Things to be aware of; e.g. that Reddit is NSFW, not safe for work


I took this Gallery shot at the end of the presentation

And another shot of James taking questions and wrapping up

15:20 Robert Anthony – Does the platform matter?:
Using “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” on multiple devices

The presenter reported on “a study …  in which four groups of young adult Japanese learners of English played the cooperative puzzle game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes over four one-hour gameplay sessions. The game requires learners to cooperate by exchanging information quickly and efficiently in order to solve a series of information gap tasks, leading to the production of much spoken English and thus the potential for peer-based language learning.”

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a commercial video game that has been adapted for use in the EFL classroom. The goal of the game is to defuse a series of briefcase shaped explosives. Participants engage in one of two roles, either as a “defuser” who is tasked with solving puzzle modules or the “expert” who holds a manual and must relay information to the defuser. The virtual bomb explodes if the participants fail to solve the puzzles before the timer runs out.

I arrived a little late for this one, I missed the game demo, but in our later Webheads Weekly meeting we found that Graham Stanley was familar with the game (no surprise there).  You can search this page (ctrl-f) for the name of the game and find where it came up in our text chat, and see that Graham provided a link to its manual, https://bombmanual.com

It’s obviously a game that promotes reading, speaking, and listening skills (if NNS students will use the target language), since one player refers to the manual and gives the “defuser” oral instructions to defuse the bomb before it goes off. Have a look at the manual and if you decide to play, wear appropriate PPE.

16:40 – Closing Forum #92 – https://jaltcall2020.eventzil.la/session/92

Gary Ross, James York, Dr. Charles Browne, Erin Noxon, Louise Ohashi

This was “A discussion of where we move on from here. Scheduled to finish at 17:10 but may run over.” It might have done, but not by much. I grabbed a selfie with James York and Louise Ohashi, hardly representative of what actually transpired, and Louise’s subsequent post promising videos and watch parites.

For now, check out the JALTCALL YouTube site as the pre-recorded sessions are there.


More about TALIN

TALIN stands for Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN, https://tinyurl.com/talin2020

The idea for TALIN was prompted by suggestions in numerous cross-fertilizing communities of practice that there was needed a space where members of these CoPs could meet online and talk informally to one another about how they are dealing with changes in their personal and professional contexts and what they are doing to help others in this trying time of pandemic.

Learning2gether can host TALIN events in Zoom during times of isolation/lockdown if they are intended to be recorded and shared with the wider community, and if they take place between 02:00-14:00 UTC

TALIN events here are open to all and free to attend.

If you would like to propose an event or invite others to meet in conversation

  1. Visit this page https://tinyurl.com/talin2020
  2. Click on “Request Edit Access” to the left of your profile picture at the top of the page
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Write in your event on the schedule. Give the time in UTC if you can, and give the time in your location also as a double check on time

You can host the event yourself, but if you want Learning2gether to host it and promote it, please allow enough time to check that I am available, at least a few days in advance.

More about TALIN, as presented at international online conferences

Earlier Events

Wed 3 June Online International Webinar on ELT & Technology held in collaboration with TALIN and Learning2gether


Sat 6 June 1300-1500 utc – VSTE Second Life Saturdays – repeats each Saturday

If you don’t have a Second Life account get one, it’s free. We recommend setting one up at the Rockcliffe University Consortium’s Gateway here: https://urockcliffe.com/reg/second-life/

Download and install the software. While your Second Life viewer (software) is open click this link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soulgiver/155/144/58

and voila! Look for an avatar on VSTE Island and say, “Hey, I’m new!” We will take care of the rest.

About this intitiative, https://vste.org/upcoming-events-virtual-environments-pln/

Sat 6 June 1500 UTC Opportunities and challenges in TESOL career path development during pandemic

Opportunities and challenges in career path development in the TESOL Affiliate Network during the pandemic

Has your teaching been affected by the pandemic? Would you like to know what your fellow teachers are thinking around the world? Join us for a session of the TESOL Affiliate Network Professional Council (ANPC) and the Career Path Development Professional Learning Network (CPDPLN) where we will be discussing opportunities and challenges in career path development in the TESOL Affiliate Network during the pandemic.


An email was sent to registered attendees saying that “the recording can be viewed and shared beyond registered attendees via the recording on YouTube.”

Session leaders from the ANPC: Georgios Kormpas and James Papple
& from CPDPLN: Liz England and Amira Salama

This blog is written and maintained by Vance Stevens
You are free to share-alike and with attribution under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

The date of this update is June 9, 2020 03:30 UTC

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